Adwords Location Extensions

Edited: 9/8/14:

See how Google has upgraded Location Extensions.

Yesterday, we talked about Adwords call extensions.  I mentioned that as PPC marketing consultants, I’m often asked to explain the benefits and the differences between each of these extension types.

ppc marketing consultants - location extensions

Recently, Google made a switch to Google My Business to house all of your company’s locations.  So, step one is to set up a Google My Business account and verify it with all of your business brick and mortar locations.  This new requirement is an extra step in the process, but will be worth it in the end!

Location extensions allow your ads to show your address, phone number, and map alongside your search ad.  On mobile phones, the address becomes a “Get Directions” link.  Location extensions show your customers that you are a local business with a physical location.  Ads with location extensions have been shown to receive up to a 10% boost in click through rate!

As with the other CTR boosting extensions, location extensions will increase your quality score.  At the end of the day, the increase in QS will lower your CPC.  Therefore, keep looking for ways to utilize these simple extension and lower your CPC and boost your ROI!

Those are acronyms that clients like to hear!
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ppc marketing consultants - location extensions