PPC Audit – Location Extension Upgrades

Over the past few weeks, in our PPC audit process, we have noticed location extensions appearing with the option of appearing at the “account level” vs the campaign or ad group level.  This is great news in the PPC consulting world b/c it simplifies the efforts of adding location extensions and at the same time removes some possibility for error when adding a new campaign (the location extensions will be automatically applied).

But, my campaigns are segmented by geography, you say… I don’t want a TX location extension showing in SC.  Well that’s not a problem.  Google will only show a location extension to the user if the user is “close” to the location.  How close?  That remains top secret — We’ve asked point blank, face-to-face with our Google peeps and there’s no answer to that question.

If you check your extension tab today, you may have the option to go ahead and upgrade your location extensions.  However, all location extensions will be upgraded on August 18, so be prepared.  All location extensions at that point will be managed through Google My Business.  This means no more manually-entered location extensions!

More information in the attached article.

ppc audit - location extensions