Google Shopping

Google Shopping upgraded campaigns are a pretty awesome advancement for PPC management companies.  There have been been many improvements made to the “old” PLA campaigns.  Optimization now goes beyond simply adding negative keywords (which is still important though).

Greg Arrant is our resident Google Shopping expert at Shanee Kirk Marketing.  He has received specialized one-on-one training with Google on how to monitor and increase performance from these campaigns.  We were so lucky to have the opportunity to have this exclusive training!

We are in the mood to get out there, start experimenting and become the best managers for Google Shopping (it’s new to everyone now).  We are willing to deeply discount any client that can come to us with their merchant feed in hand to run their Shopping campaigns.  Please get in touch with us to learn more.

ppc management companies - google shopping

This awesome article shows all of the ways the new Shopping campaigns have improved over the “old-fashioned” PLAs.  😉

*Ability to group and regroup products in Adwords with specialized bidding.
*Enhanced reporting, right down to the exact product sold.
*Inventory Filters – Run campaigns based on your level of inventory.  Pause ads for out of stock and backordered items.

There is so much more control now.  And, we can’t wait to jump in with both feet!  Enjoy your Shopping, folks!

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