We are now very familiar with the new call-only campaigns.  We have played, tested, and finally optimized the performance of this new campaign type.  We love these for our lead generation and service-oriented businesses.

A couple of quick tips:
1. Use your best converting terms
2. Copy over your current negative list.
3. Don't be afraid to use VERY high bids!!
4. Don't forget to set up your call conversions.

The high bid situation is what surprised us the most.  We are always on the conservative side.  Since this is a mobile campaign, it's essential to be in the number one position.  It's not uncommon for us to bid a $30 bid on a call-only campaign!! 

The awesome thing is that we found that once you secure that super high bid, with the top position, the conversion rate is quite incredible!  We have such a high CVR on these campaigns that they end up having the lowest CPA, regardless of the higher initial bids!

Get out there and try them out if you haven't already!!  Go mobile!!

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