Trouble with Mobile Campaigns?

We all know that we need to embrace mobile.  We all have heard the rumors and statisticians proclaim that mobile will be more than 50% of searches by the end of 2015.  Yes, in the next year, mobile will surpass desktops/tablets for Adwords search.

Are you effectively optimizing your mobile campaigns?  Or, are you, like so many others just letting them run in the background of your desktop campaign without "special treatment."  Mobile campaigns need a few tweaks to actually perform well.  

This is all assuming that you have taken the first step to create a responsive design to your website.  Or, you at least have a mobile-friendly option for your viewers.

Mobile PPC Campaign – Tip of the day.  
Mobile Ad Positioning

What is your mobile position?  Did you know that mobile usually only allows one top of the page ad?  The others generally fall to the bottom of the SERP.  So, be sure that your mobile position is a 1.5 or higher on average.

From the campaign page, choose "segment by" and "device" – This will show you the breakout by device for each of your campaigns.

-If your mobile position is lower than you need, simply use the mobile bid modifier to bump your bids by 10-15%.  (Consultants Note: I prefer to look at the Adwords interface for the data and make the adjustments into editor, side-by-side.)

-Continue your bid optimization as normal for desktop.  (Consultants Note: For those that don't already know, SKM updates bids manually and daily)  Weekly, check in and adjust/readjust those bid modifiers up or down 5-10% to keep you in that sweet spot.

The attached article sheds some light on some other trends in mobile as well as some misconceptions about mobile calculations.  You will find some insights into the differences with quality score, CTR and CPC.

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