Shanee Kirk Marketing are leading experts when it comes to keyword advertising, pay per click, ppc keywords, web based marketing, and search engine optimization.  We have helped catapult poorly performing keyword campaigns into high-yield profits for our clients. So I know there’s a method to my madness that will pay off and get you top keywords and the best in keyword optimization!

ppc keyword tools

Keyword research is one of my fortes. I find it fascinating to find new and different internet keywords that will help maximize your potential with online advertising. Of course, we use the three Google Adwords keyword tools that are readily available (not to mention free).

The descriptive word or phrases keyword tool is always a great place to start. Use the keyword analyzer to choose words that are highly searched giving them lots of keyword popularity, yet have little advertising competition. With this day and age of online advertising, though, you’ve got to learn to be very creative. It’s funny with this keyword suggestion tool how it’s better to only list four or five words/phrases at a time to come up with similar keywords that will give you the best in keyword optimization. If you enter a large batch of words, the list of suggested keywords is not as thorough and truly only focuses on 3-4 of your given words. I have no idea why, but it’s a way around some of Google’s greater mysteries. So, there’s a great google keyword tip for you: when using the descriptive words or phrases keyword suggestion tool, only do it in batches of 4-5 words/phrases at a time.

The next google adwords tool that you can use is the website content. In addition to using links to your own website, I love finding similar sites that advertise the same kind of products/services and finding out what keywords the keyword generator might suggest based on those sites. Of course you definitely want to be true to your product or site. You never want to make false representations. Google does not like that and it’s just bad business.

Once you’ve created your google ad campaign and keyword group, you can then use the keyword research tool that allows you to use successful existing keywords to help generate new, related keywords. As always, you’ll want to look at the keyword tracking and choose words that are highly searched and hopefully have little competition.

For those that are starting out in Google Adwords, begin with the above techniques that Google provides there for you. I’ll be discussing some of my tricks of the trade during my next post. These will help with those unique and struggling accounts. So dive in, take the plunge. Start your adgroups today and you’ll immediately see how Google Adwords can work for you!