Ok.  Everyone knows of the popularity of real estate and house flipping.  This is very popular for the “handy” person that can do most of the fix up work themselves.  They take a home that may be on the market for a great value, see the potential, remodel, fix it up, and sell it off for a profit!  This has been a popular and successful business strategy for the real estate savvy.  There’s even a reality show devoted to this for the high-end market.

So, let’s apply the same principles to the Internet.  I know SEO, I can do some web editing.  Can “site flipping” be a profitable business?  How long would it take to flip a site?  How much work would be involved?  How much of a profit (when you consider your time put into it) would be made?

I’m sure that it probably wouldn’t make for a good reality TV show… But, has anyone out there played with this in practice alone? How did it go?