Hi, I’m Shanee Kirk Arrant.

Founder and Owner

Shanee Kirk Marketing (SKM) was established in 2002 with a singular purpose: to empower the visionary behind it, Shanee Kirk, to focus on her passion for pay-per-click consulting while extending much-needed marketing support to small businesses and organizations.

With an MBA in marketing and statistics and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration/Marketing, Shanee’s educational background is complemented by a wealth of hands-on experience in both national and international marketing. This unique combination of expertise places Shanee in a league of her own, offering clients the kind of top-tier marketing solutions not often found within in-house teams.

Drawing from her tenure at renowned companies like Motorola and Seiko International, Shanee has honed strategies and tactics that lead to successful multi-channel marketing programs. As an account manager for an “internal” advertising agency at Motorola, she skillfully handled a multitude of projects, spanning printed collateral, websites, digital marketing, trade shows, and event management.

During her time with Seiko International, Ms. Kirk excelled in working with well-known brands such as Disney, Barbie, Fossil, Nike and Starter, as well as exclusive brands for major retailers like Target and Wal-Mart. Her work in licensing, statistics, and marketing analysis paved the way for the development and implementation of the company’s first forecasting model for purchasing. Under her guidance, SKM was awarded Target’s coveted “Vendor of the Year” award.

Our approach is rooted in best industry practices, leveraging current online marketing tactics that have proven effective and relevant for both B2B and B2C markets. As the head of SKM’s team, Shanee leads the charge in developing and executing marketing campaigns and strategies, with a keen focus on online marketing and an unwavering commitment to integrated marketing solutions.

Shanee’s expertise in understanding the intricacies of PPC campaigns has made her a sought-after consultant for larger agencies grappling with challenging campaigns. She has earned a reputation as the go-to “cleaner,” turning non-working campaigns around and aligning them with client goals that were previously deemed unattainable.

The ever-evolving landscape of online marketing keeps Shanee intrigued and invested, as we relish the challenges and complexities that each project brings. As a lifelong learner, Shanee not only delights in acquiring new knowledge but also takes pleasure in sharing her wisdom with others.

Beyond the world of marketing, Shanee Kirk is a proud and loving mother to four incredible children. She cherishes quality family time, and a perfect evening for her is spent cuddled up on the couch with her loved ones, listening to the kids spill the tea from their latest shenanigans. Family is at the heart of everything she does, and her passion for both marketing and family shines brightly in every aspect of her life.

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