SEO vs PPC Consultant?

Which should you spend your budget on?  As a PPC consultant, you hear this debate question all of the time! I have always thought that PPC and SEO should be used in conjunction with each other.  Choosing only one internet marketing strategy is a mistake.  Integrated marketing is the key to success.  At Shanee Kirk Marketing, we specialize in PPC only, but that does not mean that we steer clients away from SEO!  You must invest in both.

I like to say that SEO is a long term strategy.  PPC is the quick, fast response.  PPC can test the conversion rate of your landing pages.  PPC can show you which keywords you should use for SEO optimization.

One question I get A LOT from clients is, “Why should I use PPC for keywords where I already rank organically?”  This article shows that over 80% of the time a user will chose the organic listing over the paid listing.  BUT, the PPC listing adds that element of trust and credibility by taking up more “real estate” on the SERP!

Bottom line: PPC and SEO consultants will both tell you to use BOTH PPC and SEO to have a complete digital marketing strategy.

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