What do PPC Specialists Think?

SEO and PPC are like best friends.  All PPC specialists know they go together like peanut butter and jelly.  So why do my clients always ask which one?  It’s not an either/or deal – It’s a BOTH.

This is a great article that explains the companionship.

ppc specialists

*Like I mentioned yesterday, using both today gives you more real estate on the first page of search.  Get all you can: organic listing, social media listings, ad space, maps — Go after it all.
*PPC is a short term strategy.  SEO is a long term strategy.  PPC will help you get sales now.  SEO should not be neglected as it will continue to bring sales for years.
*Paid search lets you test and see results quickly.  Test landing pages. Test product interest. Test the conversion rate of your site.  PPC will get you the answers fast and the data will help you to know how to make improvements to your site.

The below article explains in more detail.
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ppc specialists