SEO & PPC  (notice the title is different from yesterday) 😉

Still finding good reads on this topic every day.  I LOVE something important that is pointed out in this article, and it carries over to what I mentioned yesterday.  An integrated marketing strategy is not "integrated" if the teams are "segregated". 

People — You have to talk to each other.  You have to share your thoughts and ideas and findings across teams.  I've often found that an "SEO person" is a much different personality type than a "PPC person".  It's hard to be a "guru" in both.  BUT, you are both awesome, smart, technical, "nerdy" types.  Get in a room, or call, or hangout and TALK.

*When your SEO ranking is down a couple of positions, PPC can fill that gap and bring in incremental traffic.
*Organic data analysis can identify your best performing/converting pages across the entire site — Great for deciding what kind of ad group or keywords to use in PPC!
*On page SEO can be developed for the best converting PPC terms.  I've said before — Highest volume isn't equal to "best performing."  PPC will clearly show you the true best performing keywords

Go go out into the world and collaborate!

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