Questions Clients Should Ask:

This is an article share for the clients.  There are many types of clients – *The ones that micromanage you down to every detail
*The ones that you never, ever hear from until you send the monthly report

Sometimes we worry that giving the quiet clients (or the noisy ones) too much information will scare them, confuse them or give them enough information to become dangerous!  However, it IS the client's dollars that are being spent.  And, the client is entitled to complete transparency of what's happening in their PPC accounts.

Here are some questions and reports you can ask your PPC manager for.  Please never be afraid to annoy them with questions.  You should feel comfortable enough to ask the "dumb" questions.  And, they should be patient enough to explain everything to you to your satisfaction.

1. Keyword Reports – Know which keywords are running.  Know which are performing the best, and which ones may not have been so great.  
2. Ad Reports – Which ad copy is winning?  Is your CTR over 1%?  Are they testing new variations from time to time?  Do you have input on your value statements?
3. Negative KW Lists – These should start strong and continue to grow over time.  I can't tell you how many accounts I have picked up with ZERO negative keywords
4. Search Query Reports – This will help you choose new test keywords and find new negative keywords.  These are essential for success.
5. Account Access – You should have access to your account.  You should be the account owner.  You manager may ask you not to make changes (that's one of our requirements), but you should be able to look at anything at anytime.  You should also be able to check your "change history" to check up on what your PPC manager is actually doing day to day.