PPC Specialists – When to Hire

There are many reasons to hire a PPC management company or agency vs trying to go it alone.  This article seems to pinpoint the best reasons.

1. An in house person has multiple day-to-day responsibilities.  A PPC manager’s responsibility is PPC.  They are only concerned with seeing your PPC account succeed.
2. A PPC manager is head down in PPC all day, every day.  This means that they have seen it all (or almost all).  They are up-to-date with the latest changes inside the platform and know how to best optimize your account.
3. Affordability.  At only $500/month, that is quite the savings over an internal person who you would pay a salary, plus benefits!  An expert consultant at a bargain price!
4. Delegation.  A PPC specialist can take the project and run.  You won’t have to spend your time hovering over their shoulder to make sure the work is done or explaining the task.  You truly can take the function “off your plate” and free yourself up to think about bigger and better things.

Go hire a PPC manager today!

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