PPC Specialists Receive Google Swag

Google is such a fun company to partner with.  Occasionally, out of the blue, Google will send it’s Google Partners and PPC specialists a surprise in the mail.  We are like kids in a candy store (almost literally this time).  It’s funny how excited you can get over a package in the mail!

This year Google has been sending out these adorable Android figures filled with JellyBellies.  They are cute and equally delicious.  They made a big impact in our house!  We have seen other Partners this year receive their little surprise Androids in the mail as well.  I love the fun, and I love Google!

The picture below shows three of my sillies enjoying jelly bellies!  Not sure who was more excited by the surprise – me or my kiddos.  Well-played, Google.  Getting the kids of the consultants to fall in love with you too.  Well-played, indeed!

Gotta start them young on indoctrination to Google!!


ppc specialists - jellybellies