Partners Connect by Kingwood PPC Specialist

We had so much fun hosting our 2nd Google Adwords Partners Connect event yesterday!!  I walked away with so many take-aways for any PPC specialist and my for current clients.I’m always fascinated at the pace of innovation with Google.  We had our last event just last May.  EVERYTHING that was presented was new.  Not just “new” material — But new Adwords innovations, features and products that have advanced paid search marketing even further.  The race to stay “in the know” is definitely on!  If you haven’t found a way to stay plugged in and learn and read daily — I promise you that your Adwords knowledge is likely outdated.The 2nd most fascinating thing was a stat that came across the screen.  “More people own a smart phone than own a toothbrush!”  How can this be possibly true.  Then to my witty 9 year old, Lauren — “Then, someone should definitely start marketing TOOTHBRUSHES on smart phones!!”  Dental hygiene people… It’s important!

If you attended the event, what were your favorite parts?  If you were unable to attend.  Here’s a link to the replay.

ppc specialist - partners connect

Google Partners Connect October 2014