PPC Specialist Adwords Tip:
I’ve talked about match types in the past.  One of my pet peeves when I am auditing an account is seeing the match types split up into separate ad groups.  I’ve read and heard all of the reasoning behind doing this (and it does suit some mgmt styles).However, I prefer all of the similar keywords and various match types to be placed together in the same ad group.  This way I can quickly and easily sort and see which kw variations have multiple match types.  I often test match types against each other and find that some perform better than others, some require different bids.  Some will get paused, while others remain active.  When they are in the same ad group, I can see down to the kw level what we have working!

It also helps with triggering errors where if one match type is paused and the other ad groups start triggering.  I can not count how many times I have seen the segmented match type strategy and no corresponding negative match strategy to keep the triggering issues at bay.

As part of our ongoing optimization, we add new test kws on a weekly basis.  Unfortunately, this makes the segmented match ad groups very messy to maintain with remembering to add the corresponding match types.  These are just a few reasons we prefer one ad group for all match types.

What do you prefer?  What are your pet peeves?

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