Creating a PPC Keyword List

In our PPC consulting business, many of our clients in the “interview” process ask us about our processes.  Ultimately, the goal is to deliver the best paid traffic possible. But, sometimes it’s hard to put all of the steps into layman’s terms and simplify for a novice to understand.  This a great article that explains all of the basic steps for keyword research.  This article perfectly depicts all of the steps that we follow to build the initial keyword list.  Obviously from the initial list, our keywords tend to continue to evolve week after week.

ppc adwords keywords

1. We start by looking at your web site.  How are you referring to your products/services in your copy?  What are the variations of those?
2. We break these into common “themes” which will become the ad groups.
3. Don’t forget to add a separate ad group or campaign for branded terms.
4. We then input our “starter list” into a keyword research tool.  We use Google Adwords Keyword Planner most often.
5. Launch!

Of course, after launch, we follow the search query reports very closely to continue to add new negative and positive keywords on a weekly basis.

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