PPC Online Marketing & Trust

Trusting your PPC consultant can be tough.  You hire this person that you may have never met, or hardly know, and you hand them the keys to your pocketbook.  You trust them to do what’s best for your company and your PPC budget… Or do you?

ppc online marketing trust

Building trust with our clients is the key to our success.  We ask our clients to give us 30 days to show them some improvement without “panicking” with out “worrying”.  Wow!  That must be tough for some…

All we ask is to give us all of the control (no pesky changes) and we will give you all that we have, to make the best paid search campaign we can in 30 days.  We will teach you things about PPC that you never knew.  If you are not happy in 30 days, you are free to move on… But, we hope that you won’t.  And, we have built a great business on our clients staying around for a long, long time!

What do you do to build trust? How do you choose your provider?

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