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At SKM, we work with both B2C and B2B clients.  Both types of clients either have a lead generation or a eCommerce platform.  Although we do work with both, I do have a preference for a good lead generation campaign.

Lead generation is generally when a user comes to your site and the call to action is either to complete a contact form or to make a phone call.  Lead generation campaigns offer a lot of advantages, especially with the ease of tracking success.

I’ve said before that PPC doesn’t perform miracles.  “Build it, and they will come,” doesn’t necessarily work with PPC.  There are a few elements beyond the excellent PPC management work that have to combine to be truly successful.

Three very important “non-PPC” factors are below:
1. Have a great offer!  You must have a call to action.  You must have an offer for the user to see.  A free download.  A trial.  A discount.  A guarantee.  Something.

2. Relevant landing pages – Send the user to a specialized landing page that mirrors the ad group keywords they have searched.  Do not try to cram all of your benefits and services onto one page.  Break it out by topic on separate pages with a clear funnel for the user.  Make it easy.

3. A great CRM process – Do you have your backend ready?  Where are the forms going?  Will someone follow up promptly?  If a hot lead comes through and you are not ready to respond fairly immediately, that lead will be onto the next company.  Be sure to have your follow through and follow up process in order before launching your PPC campaign.

The attached article speaks to PPC lead generation in more depth.  These are some key components to ensure you give your PPC campaign a fighting chance to be as successful as possible.

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