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We were so excited (along with other PPC management companies) with the launch and rollout of the new Callout Extensions.  As soon as we heard about the full release, we implemented callout extensions on all of our PPC accounts — All of them!!  If you don’t yet know, callout extensions are “brag points” you can add underneath your ad.  Very similar to site link extensions — With no “links”.

Some examples may be:
– #1 in customer service
– Service Guaranteed
– A+ BBB Rating
– Free Shipping

So, now that our Callouts have been running for a couple of weeks, gathering data, we decided to do a “checkpoint” and see if they truly increased the click through rate for our ads.  The results have been as follows:

Example 1: Executive Coaching
Our typical click through rate for this client is about 1%.  With our best callout extension, this improved to about 2% — doubling your CTR is not so shabby.  I love that you can look at the results and modify what you are using.  Our callout “unleash communication” had the lowest CTR by far.  So, we removed that one and started testing some others.  Reiterate – Rinse – Repeat

Example 2: Visa Consulting
The typical CTR for search network is about 1%.  With the addition of some callout extensions like “free consultation” and “800 completed visas”, the CTR increased to 2.20% for the same time period.

Example 3: Yacht Charters
Our typical CTR on this client is about 2.2%.  We started using callout extensions and the average increased to 4.4%.  Some of the specific extensions were even over 5%.

So, looking at these three very different industries, it’s pretty clear that the callout extensions are helping tremendously!!  We will continue to evaluate, but all of our client accounts will have callout extensions moving forward.

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Image courtesy of Google Today.