Do your prospects ask if you can guarantee your PPC results?

How do you respond?  I would say, “Can you guarantee that your landing page will convert?”  Give me a great landing page, and I know that my pay per click online marketing campaign will convert (now is it within the desired CPA goal??  That’s another, trickier question).

PPC Management Guarantees

PPC alone cannot work miracles.  I can pull out all of the secret-sauce and if your landing page and site are not well designed, then… Sorry, you probably won’t have a successful campaign.  Before we begin any PPC engagement we will always offer a free landing page consultation.  We want to be successful, so we want you to be successful.  During our landing page consultation, we will go over the basics with you and point out some areas of improvement.

The most important aspects of the landing page are:
1. State your purpose and your core benefits
2. State your price, if you can
3. Have a clear conversion funnel or call to action
4. On page form (hopefully leading to a trackable thank you page).
5. A phone number prominently displayed

Ideally, you want to create a landing page that is specific to the goals of your separate ad groups.  This would mean a different landing page for each product or service category, each following the guidelines above.  Generic and branded terms can lead users to the home page, but specific pages are preferable once you get into more specific and longer tailed keywords.

Many times I see clients insist on using a generic home page only to later go back and design custom product specific pages to increase conversion.  I suggest that you do the work up front and start off right!  This will save you dollars and frustration in the long run.

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