PPC Consultants on the Google Display Network

There are so many different ways to optimize the display network.  As PPC consultants, we have tried all of them!  Display keeps evolving month-to-month, and as such, our strategies and tips are evolving.  One thing that hasn’t changed is my preference for automatic placements — Kind of reminds me of how we also like to “go rogue” with broad match keywords on the search network.

ppc consultants - display network tips

Display Tip 1:  I prefer to use automated placements.  I then optimize and move the best placements to managed with individual bids.  Over time I watch the stats and “exclude” sites that are not converting and generating meaningless impressions.

From time to time, clients ask to be placed on specific sites vs simply automated placement.  The link below shows how to search and apply managed placements to your display campaign.  Enjoy!

Display Tip 2: Don’t forget to add your site category exclusions for all display campaigns.  This is so important to starting off on the right foot.  We like to begin a display campaign by excluding targeting to: parked domains, error pages, mature content, and usually game sites.  These simple steps early on can help improve your conversions and shorten your optimization window at the start!

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