Kingwood PPC Consultant – Events

As your local, Kingwood, TX, PPC consultant, Shanee Kirk Marketing will offer free events throughout the year.  These events will be to help educate small business owners of the benefits and “how to” get your business online.  We will often discuss Adwords as a key method of driving traffic, leads and sales for your business.

We will also bring in local partners to discuss how they may also be able to help your business grow online.  These could be other local vendors offering:

  1. web development,
  2. social media management, or
  3. search engine optimization.

These are all key areas for succeeding online.  Our events are often great opportunities to meet other local business owners and learn.

ppc consultant - events

Check back often to to see what may be coming up!  We hope to meet you at one of our events soon!