Pay Per Click Consultants

Just got a fresh box of Google pay per click consultants promo items in today!! Who needs a pen and notebook or $100 coupons for Adwords???  I have to admit that Google is an amazing company.  Who else sends it’s marketing partners supplies like this to help us grow our business?  Of course, it will benefit them as well, but we will remain loyal and hold Google in the highest esteem.

Google makes sure that their top pay per click consultants are well taken care of.  We are given two exclusive reps to help us with our account strategies and opportunities.  Our Google reps also help give us access to exclusive Beta programs to test with our client base.

Google wants to help us grow.  Helping agencies, helps Google.  They are smart enough to see that and smart enough to invest in awesome loyalty programs to keep all of the agencies ramped up and excited to work with Google products (Bing and Facebook could take note).


pay per click consultants - google swag