Adwords PPC Review Extensions

The #AskAdwords  guys are so funny to watch.  This short video is about Review Extensions in Adwords.  This has been a very under-utilized extension in our PPC management at Shanee Kirk Marketing.  You should be able to link to a review that’s available for your product or service.  It should add credibility to your ad.

ppc review extensions

Unfortunately, it’s really hard to find a review from a “reputable” source for many small and local businesses.  The review cannot come from a review site like Yelp or your G+ page.  The review has to be more of a PR type of article written by a local news agency or in a journal, etc.  We have many clients and maybe only one or two of them have had a qualifying article (and they were bigger national companies.

How are you doing using review extensions?  Did you really improve your CTR by 10%?
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Ask AdWords: Review Extensions