Attention all PPC consultants — Our paid search management job scope is now changing.  We now need to include Google My Business with our service packages.  Google has mentioned the migration of location extensions in Adwords syncing with the new Google My Business — What you may NOT have heard is that our option to enter manual location extensions is going away. All Adwords PPC accounts that require the utilization of location extensions will now require the end client to have a Google My Business account active and sync’d to Adwords. Will this or should this change the future of PPC management fees as well?

PPC Management Fees

Yesterday, I was able to discover a hack (through a useful member on our Partners forum).  You could switch to the “old version” of location extensions to find and add manual extensions.  Today, showing staff our great, new hack we discovered that it was GONE!!  The holes are being closed peeps.  Time to teach and learn about Google My Business.

This is going to be a challenge for many… We know that small businesses do not like hassles and do not like change.  I hope that the approval process for getting a location listed becomes simplified or our SMBs and especially franchises will NOT be happy. At Shanee Kirk Marketing, we will not be increasing our PPC management fees. We will continue to guide our clients on the new best practices as they emerge.

Here’s to continuous learning, growing and evolving!!

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