Adwords Google – Best Practices

I really like this article.  It explains some common sense Adwords Google PPC best practices that we like to preach at Shanee Kirk Marketing.  To a consultant, it might sound so simple, but it’s nice to see how someone else explains it sometimes.

The key takeaways are:
*Ad Copy Testing – Always be testing.  Headlines are key.
When we A/B test, we usually only change one simple element at a time.  The headline or one description line.  This way we are truly perfecting the ad copy and not just throwing something new against the wall.

*Use Keywords in your Ad Copy – duh!  This is the whole purpose of segmenting out well-themed ad groups.  You can the direct the user to the best landing page and use ad copy relevant to their search query.

*”Conversion Friction” – This is a new term for me.  But the concept is right on.  Make the CTA easy for the user to find.  Make your product easy for the user to find.  We always say that a PPC visitor has a short attention span, so help them out!

In short, it may be best to hire an Adwords Google certified consultant to manage your PPC accounts.  It may cost you a little extra for monthly management, but I’m sure the savings from less wasted ad spend and more conversions will make up the difference and then some!!

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