Importance of Landing Pages

If your business depends on online sales or lead generation to survive, then one of your top concerns should be your landing page design. At SKM, we know that a professional designed landing page is essential for a successful PPC campaign.  This is why our all-inclusive $500/month PPC management rates include a complimentary landing page evaluation.

ppc management rates

A professional team will walk you through the process to develop a landing page (or many) for your products that focus on the key performance indicator that matters — Conversions!!  Without your PPC conversions (be it a sign up, phone call, lead form, download, etc), you can not grow your business.  Let us help you to become the best you can be!

At SKM, we pride ourselves on offering all of the essentials for a successful PPC campaign without ever increasing our PPC management rates.  You will always pay just the one flat-fee each month.

Please view our landing page best practices.

PPC Landing Page Best Practices