Pay-Per-Click or Paid Search Advertising is a marketing method used to increase web site visits and traffic from prospects and customers. Your custom ads can appear (for competitive PPC fees) on the top of Search Engine result pages, as well as through related-content web sites. This model allows advertisers to purchase keyword ads on major Search Engines and only pay when a targeted visitor is brought to your web site.


Paid Search Benefits:

  • PPC is fast – You can launch a campaign in a few hours and start making money immediately.
  • Easy to change – turn it on or off, increase or decrease spend and PPC fees, alter copy – all in minutes.
  • With proper management and focus, PPC offers the most well-targeted, far reaching, and economical advertising on the Internet.
  • The cost structure is “Action” driven. The advertiser only pays each time a user clicks the ad and is actually taken to your web page.

paid searchAs paid search consultants, we currently manage over 100K keywords and over $8 million annually in PPC campaign budgets in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments! In today’s complex web market, it is difficult to succeed without a complete PPC and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan.

Hiring a PPC consultant is a great idea for both small companies and big corporations. Small companies will benefit from the vast array of campaigns that have been managed by a consultant, and large companies will be able to step outside of the day-to-day program management to focus on core strategies.

PPC agencies have the ability to help you succeed quickly. Let our experience make you successful. Please feel free to browse our additional PPC information below and complete our contact form for a complimentary evaluation by one of our certified PPC specialists.