I can’t afford Paid Search Consultants!

Do your clients say they can’t afford your PPC management fees?  I’d tell them that they cannot afford NOT to have an expert PPC manager on their team representing their best interests.

There are many benefits to having a dedicated PPC manager.  And, I mean someone that works PPC full-time, across many accounts and industries. An onsite internal PPC manager’s view tends to be too much tunnel vision/silo’d.  When you work with 20+ accounts on a day to day basis, your troubleshooting ability expands beyond measure.  I have probably seen it all and have tried to fix it all (not really, new stuff still pops up, but I’ve seen about 90% of it at least).

Other benefits of a PPC manager follow in this article and highlighted below:
*Optimize your spend — A PPC manager expertly knows where to use the scalpel to carve and refine your campaign.  They use the data and make decisions that make a more beautiful campaign (not a blind pick axe).
*Conversions — If we increase your conversion rate, then BAM! you now have paid for the PPC mgmt fees.  You need a dedicated PPC manager that eats, sleeps, breathes PPC.  We do nothing but refine campaigns with ROI and conversions in mind — every single day.
*Google Reps — A Google Partner agency like ours has a dedicated Google rep to help with campaigns and give us exclusive access to Beta products.  This means that we get escalated troubleshooting if something is wrong on the account.  And, we also are first in line to be whitelisted for new product trials!

We charge a small flat rate to small businesses to make it easy to afford our services.  It’s a no-brainer!

If you have been thinking about outsourcing your PPC function, let us know.  We are offering a Summer Special through the end of the month.

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