Google v Bing

I've had a lot of clients ask me when I'm consulting on PPC where they should put their money – Google or Bing?  This paid search consultant definitely has a Google bias.  But, "I just like them better" isn't a really good answer for most clients.

paid search consultant - google v bing

So, then there is also the fact that once you combine Google's reach with the reach of their Search Partners, Google has over 70% of the market share!  That's a number that's hard to argue with.  You need to go where the people are, then we can talk about expanding to other search engines.  "Don't spread your budget too thin," is something I hear myself repeating often.

One other thought that I had was about the demographics of Bing v Google.  Who are the users?  What makes them different?  Bing seems to have an older audience.  The "grey hairs."  But, why?  I had a hunch that it was b/c many of the desktop systems come preloaded with Internet Explorer (and guess what else — Bing!).  So, that leaves the older folks and the technically challenged as Bing users.  

This is good to know though — If you are marketing to the older generations, which you should be, Bing could be perfect!  I had a client marketing "active older adult communities" and "home care services" — These are perfect for Bing.

This attached article has the same opinion, so I was excited to find someone that agreed with me.  Enjoy!

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