If you think that PPC search marketing is just for advertising and driving traffic to your site, then you are mistaken! At our PPC firm we also believe that this is also a great way to test landing page concepts and ideas in a short period of time, with a relatively small budget. Talk to your Pay Per Click management company about running a series of tests on your site to test your new ideas.

Have you ever wondered:
Will an embedded, fresh video help to increase conversions?
Will an on-page form double the leads from the page vs. adding and extra “click” to reach the form?
Will adding a related and attractive graphic to a page decrease the bounce rate (while increasing conversions)?

All of these questions can easily be answered and PROVEN by setting up an A/B split test with PPC advertising. Take one of your PPC themes (ad groups), and one set of keywords, with identical ad copy, you rotate traffic equally between two test pages (A/B). A reasonable budget would be $20-$50/day for a 1 to 2 week period. At the end of the test period, you will have a concrete answer as to whether there is a difference in the conversion rate for either page.

Do you ever receive push-back from management or other departments regarding landing page Best Practices, or changes that you want to institute? Well, the PPC A/B split test is your answer. We recently were able to show one of our clients that by shortening the copy (making it more focused and relevant) and creating on on-page form, this new “test” page converted 3:1 over their “old” page.

Wow! A 200% improvement, proven and learned for less than $500 can now be applied to all other product pages. Can’t argue with that!

How have you used PPC marketing, other than simply driving traffic?

Shanee K.