Mobile PPC

We all know (or should know by now) that mobile is the way of the future for advertising.  We were told in a recent Google meeting that the mobile traffic is expected to increase by some crazy amount by the end of this year.  More and more people are using mobile to shop and find business while they are in route!  So why aren’t more sites being created to be responsive or mobile friendly?  Come on SMBs — We will help you find an affordable solution.

paid search consultant - mobile ppc

On the other side, I feel like we are straight-jacketed into bidding on desktop and tablet devices when a client wants mobile only.  I have a couple of clients who only want mobile calls or who are marketing a mobile app and only want mobile users (desktop traffic is a waste for them).  But since the evolution of enhanced campaigns, a true “mobile only” campaign is no longer possible (not easily anyway).

We do offer our PPC clients a limited solution (aka: hack) to get around this.  We adjust the mobile bids by 300% and pull down the desktop bids pretty low, all while keeping the mobile ads in a solid 1 position.  This works fairly well, but I still don’t like it.  I’d have a much tighter CPC if we could manually control the bids separately from desktop.

Anyhoo, attached is a great article that talks about optimizing for mobile.  This is where we are headed peeps.  Jump on board or the train will leave without you!

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paid search consultant - mobile ppc