I'm pretty sure I've talked about it before, but using brand keywords in Adwords is an awesome strategy!  I've had a few clients baulk at the idea since they already rank well organically for branded terms, but this is a mistake.  There are several reasons to bid on branded terms in PPC and below are some of my favorites from the linked article (love it when another pay per click expert backs my opinion with an excellent article).

ppc branding

*More real estate on the SERPs – You have both your organic and paid listing that takes up more  "space" on the front page of Google
*Investing in yourself ads credibility to your company.
*If you don't others will! Your competitors may bid on your brand terms, and when this occurs, your ad should be there too!  And, hopefully on top.
*Control the user experience. With the paid ad, you can control which landing page you are directing the user to.  Which can increase your conversion rate for those branded terms.
*Cheap, cheap, cheap.  There are no terms that will likely be cheaper than your own branded terms.  They will not drain your budget, but they will still bring in very targeted traffic.

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