Google Shopping Campaigns & PPC Management Rates

To all of my eCommerce clients:

If you have not jumped on the Shopping Ad band wagon, now is the time.  Yes, I know that creating the Merchant Center account and Merchant Feed is a pain, but it’s an exciting opportunity to have more ad space and own more real estate on that first page of Google.  The more the merrier, right?

Why would you not?  You need to show your organic listing, text ad listing AND Shopping listing on that first page.  Imagine the increased credibility.  Imagine the additional branding.  Imagine more sales and revenue!!  Yes!  Now you get the picture.  In addition, we do NOT charge extra for this service.  Even Google Shopping campaigns are included in our all-inclusive, PPC management rates.

To all of my clients that are running the old PLA campaigns and have not switched over to the new, updated version of Google Shopping:  Time is running out.  All campaigns will be automatically updated to Shopping very soon.  If you have not made the upgrade, then you are wasting valuable time to optimize the Shopping campaigns before they become mandated.  For several client, we have kept the PLA campaign live and started a “smaller” budgeted Shopping campaign to optimize until D-day.

Be brave.  Go out there and start this new adventure.  Create a Shopping campaign today.  Google’s whitepaper on the topic is attached.  Now get going!!

PS – Bing has this now too!  😉
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