Google creates advertising policies to protect users from fraudulent or spammy sites and ads.  Sometimes this makes a potential client mad b/c they feel that they are willing to pay for ad space, so they should have the freedom to advertise however they like…  I tend to disagree.  

We consider ourselves a total "white hat" agency.  In this way, we may be more conservative than some other agencies with the projects that we take on.  But, we find we are more successful not trying to skirt policy violations.

I find these types of sites do not work well for Adwords, and therefore we do not take on clients that claim, "easy, fast results" — This applies to three main industries that I can think of… 
*Weight Loss
*MLM/Work at Home
*Unrealistic Investment Opptys

If you are thinking of starting a new business and want to use Adwords, try to find a unique need for a service or product offering for your community.  This is the best way to succeed!