Pay Per Click Online Marketing Summit at the GooglePlex!

We are heading out to California next week for the Google All-Star Summit!  I’m so excited to be able to attend this one-day conference and share thoughts and network with other wonderful agencies about pay per click online marketing.

pay per click online marketingThe day will be filled with learning opportunities, networking with agencies and a tour of the GooglePlex.  One exciting note is that Shanee Kirk was also invited to speak with a panel of agency owners to a large group of agencies about challenges and opportunities to make an agency truly excellent!  Pay per click online marketing has changed the world and we are proud for it to be the primary focus of our agency.

But, you know what I might me most excited about?  The weather forecast is in the 80’s!!!  Do you know what it will be like to have temps that are 20 degrees cooler than here in TX?  Wow!!  Looking forward to what would be our “fall” temps!

We have one “free” day while there.  Anyone have some must-see’s or must-do’s or must-eats while we are in San Jose?

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