Negative KWs are a Positive Thing!

Negative keywords are crucial in optimizing your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign, especially in the 3D printing industry. Here are some key ways they help improve your campaign.

  1. Purpose of negative keywords: Negative keywords help refine your PPC campaign by excluding specific terms or phrases from triggering ads. This allows you to target your desired audience more effectively and avoid irrelevant clicks.
  2. Importance of negative keywords: By using negative keywords, you can:

   – Save money: By excluding irrelevant searches, you can avoid spending money on clicks from users who are not interested in your offerings. This helps allocate your budget towards more relevant clicks and potential customers.

   – Improve ad relevance: Negative keywords ensure that your ads are shown to the right audience, increasing the chances of attracting genuinely interested users in your services or products.

   – Increase conversion rate: By filtering out users looking for personal-use printers, you can focus on those seeking printing services. This improves the likelihood of converting those users into customers.

  1. Exact match vs. broad match negative keywords: 

   – Exact match negative keyword: Specifying an exact match negative keyword only ensures a search for that exact phrase is blocked. 

   – Broad match negative keyword: Broad match negative keywords, like “buy thingy,” allow you to exclude your ads when specific keywords or variations are in a user’s search query. For instance, by using “buy thingy” as a broad match negative keyword, your ads won’t be shown to users with the phrase anywhere within their query.

It is essential to know when to use which type of negative keyword.

  1. Improved audience relevancy: By utilizing negative keywords effectively, you can focus on attracting more qualified users 

By employing negative keywords, you can optimize your PPC campaign, improve ad relevancy, and allocate resources toward attracting the right audience.

Because it’s impossible to predict consumer behavior and the digital landscape is completely dynamic, user behavior can shift rapidly. By staying vigilant, reviewing search term reports often, and adding negative keywords daily, you can continuously optimize your PPC campaign, reduce wasted ad spend, improve ad relevancy, and ensure that your ads reach the right audience at the right time.

This is a process that does not end.