Google Ads uses an automated system to review and approve ads before displaying them on their platform. This system scans various aspects of your ads, including their content, landing pages, and targeting settings, to ensure they comply with Google’s advertising policies. These policies are designed to maintain a safe and positive user experience for all Google users.

Regarding your disapproval messages, it’s important to note that Google Ads doesn’t differentiate between active and paused ads during the review process. Even if an ad is paused and not currently being displayed, it can still be subject to review and potential disapproval. This is because the automated system scans all ads in your account, regardless of their current status, to maintain consistency and ensure compliance. 

The disapproved ads you received notifications for were flagged during a routine review, even though they were paused at the time.  This can happen occasionally, and there is no need to panic, but we appreciate you bringing it to our attention so we can double-check just to be safe.

To prevent this as a future issue, I recommend taking the following steps: 

  1. Do not remove pages from your website that have been used by PPC (or that were indexed by Google organically)
  1. Instead, create a 301 redirect to redirect the page to a more appropriate location once the event concludes (home page, an events page, etc.).