Pay Per Click Consultants – Event Tracking:

Pay per click consultants are seeing more and more sites that are not built for traditional PPC conversion tracking.  With the traditional (read: easy) method, you simply have users hit a “thank you” page after they submit your inquiry or sign up form.  The conversion code is placed on that thank you/confirmation page, which triggers the tracking in Adwords (or Bing, or Facebook, etc).  Without the thank you page, conversion tracking is still possible, but it gets a little tricker…

pay per click consultants

So, how do you track paid search conversions without a thank you page?  Event Tracking is the answer.  With a small snippet of code, you can pass a conversion for when someone clicks an “action” button on your site (i.e. submit).  This will flow into Google Analytics as an “event.”  Events can then be set up as a GA “goal.” The goals can then be imported into Adwords as a conversion.  Phew!

It’s a lot more effort and steps, but conversion tracking is essential to optimizing a pay per click campaign to a positive ROI and success!

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