Dynamic Sitelink Extensions!

I love how Adwords is continuously evolving pay per click online marketing for the average users.  Sitelinks will now be able to be shown dynamically, without manually inputting your sitelink data (yes, there is the ability to opt out).  And, better yet, these clicks on dynamic sitelinks are FREE!  Can't beat a free click on a sitelink that you did not manually have to set up.

ppc sitelink extensions

So, now social, seller rating and dynamic sitelinks will be generated for you in your pay per click online marketing campaign.  This will take up less time for Adwords managers (this possibly makes up for having to spend extra time managing Google My Business accounts).

You still will have the option to create your own sitelinks manually, and you should.  Your manual sitelinks will take priority UNLESS the dynamic ones are outperforming the manual variations. Manually, you will have better control of where you might be diverting users and the messaging that appears on the sitelink. Don’t get lazy and skimp on your manual optimization. Can't wait to see these in action.  Can't wait to start seeing the stats roll in.

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