One of the best things about owning your own consulting business is getting to decide what you want to work on… And, what you don't.  The right to "choose or refuse" a project.  This can be a very empowering feeling.

We thrive on working with small businesses to help make their dreams a success.  From a local AC or pest control company to someone building a fashion ecommerce store.  Driving pay per click leads to a service and/or ppc sales to an online store is where our heart lies.

That being said, there are paid search projects that come across our desks that we do turn down.  We often use our ethics or moral code to refuse a project.  We were just offered a project dealing with Cryptocurrency.  I had to look it up on wikipedia to be sure I understood it correctly.  Yep.  A gray area… A color I avoid!  We have also turned down projects dealing with "grow lights", affiliate marketing, MLMs, eBooks, and investment opportunities.

What have you turned down?  Where is your line? Are you as black and white as I am?

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