Create Longer Ad Headlines

Some of you may have seen these ads while surfing the net.  You wonder why/how do they get to have a headline that exceeds the character limitations?  Why does Google choose some ads to have the longer headline variation and others keep the standard look and feel?

The implementation is very simple.  Are you ready for this?
Punctuate your first Description line.
Yes!  That’s it.  Simply add a period, exclamation point, or question mark at the end of the first description line and then, you too, may have a longer, more robust headline that draws in attention.

Google still gets the last say in which advertisers are eligible for this special feature.  They prefer to “award” this “honor” to advertisers that are consistently in the top three positions on desktop search advertising.

It has been shown that the longer headline can increase your CTR by 6%!  Every bit helps.  Keep on optimizing.

Tip: I still run an A/B test with and without the longer headline option.  Occasionally, I will find the client that does not follow the rule and the ads perform better with the shorter version.

Always test.  Never assume.  Let data be your guide.

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