As a PPC consultant, there are a couple of project types that we do not take on anymore.  We have found that you should do what you love, and we love building long-term relationships with our pay per click clients.  We love grooming an account, optimizing it through daily management, and watching it grow.  We love seeing a small business develop their paid search strategies and see how beneficial this media segment can be to their business.

So, in discovering this, we have found that short term projects just aren't as intrinsically fulfilling.  We have moved away from "set up only" jobs, "2 week tests", and account auditing.  There's just no thrill for us in a short term relationship.  Plus, it's the passion in seeing the results generated from the set up.  Watching the campaign turn around quickly from the implementing the suggestions of the audit.  So, there it is… We are all or nothing with PPC management and SEM.

What are your passions?  Where do you find your motivation?
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