Adwords Q&A 6:

I have a small PPC budget.  Is it worth to to pay a management fee?  i.e. My PPC budget is $500/month, Your PPC Mgmt fee is $500/month.  How could this be worth it?

My answer to this is… It depends.  Sometimes, if you have a small PPC budget, then going with an experience PPC consultant is even MORE crucial to your success.  You only have a few dollars per day and those dollars need to be spent in the most efficient way possible to build you the best ROI possible.

That being said.  The million dollar answer to this question is: Are you generating ROI?  With your total monthly pay per click spend being $1000, how many sales to you expect to generate?  How much revenue will you bring in?

If you are capable of driving a few leads to your site that nets you $3000 in revenue, then paying for PPC management was probably a bargain for you!  If on the flip side, you sell an inexpensive product, and you netted 20 sales at $2 each for a total of $40 in revenue for the month, then the PPC expense as well as the PPC management fees were a bust!

It's all relative!  What kinds of difficult questions do you get day to day?
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