Adwords Q&A 5:

What is your PPC Specialty? 

Our sweet spot in PPC consulting seems to be with small businesses working with lead generation.  We also work with eCommerce, but we prefer lead generation sites.  This would be a local plumber, lawyer, financial institution etc that draws visitors to their site through PPC and converts the lead through a lead form.  We have an incredible ability to turn these kinds of paid search campaigns into success very quickly.

What are some of the most challenging PPC industries?
In my opinion, some of the most challenging ppc projects are those of awesome NEW products and inventions.  These the the most innovative products or services that you know should just take off and be a true success, BUT people are not searching for them yet b/c they are still just too new to the market.  This creates an interesting challenge b/c PPC is completely driven on people already KNOWING what they are searching for.

New, innovative products should probably focus more on branding and introducing their product to the market.  PPC via the display network or TrueView Video ads are most likely the best bet.  Unfortunately, as with any branding campaign — You might not see that direct tie to ROI quickly enough — Thus another aspect of the challenge…

What's your sweet spot?  What do you find to be a challenge on PPC?

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