Adwords Q&A #2:We were asked very candidly what we charge for our ppc management at our Partners Connect event.  Why dodge the question?  We are proud to clearly list our pay per click management fees loud and proud.  No matter how big or small your campaign, no matter how big or small your ad spend/budget, our fee will remain the same.  We do not charge based on percentage of spend, number of campaigns, number of keywords etc.  One price fits all in our book.

One of the reasons that we chose this flat rate structure is to level the playing field for small business clients.  We don’t want them to feel that because of a lower spend, they receive less attention or are less important.  We love all of our clients equally!!

ppc consulting rates

Adwords Management is $500/month per Adwords account.

*There is NO set up fee.
*No long-term contracts.
*Discounts may apply to multiple account management.
*Discounts will apply Google Grants for Non Profits clients.

Bing Ad Mgmt or Facebook PPC mgmt can be added onto your ppc consulting package for a very nominal charge.

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