Adwords Management Fee – Old School

I really do think this writer has it right on the money!  Old school marketers have an edge when it comes to PPC.  All of the strategists as Shanee Kirk Marketing have a real world, corporate Fortune 500 marketing background.  What does this mean?  It means that at Shanee Kirk Marketing, you will know that you have expert “old school” marketers working “new school” magic on your PPC campaigns & that your Adwords management fee is safe!

Shanee – Motorola, Seiko
Greg – Citibank
Kristine – Enron

We have always had a passion for marketing, forecasting and numbers, even then!  So, when the web world opened up and boomed PPC was the perfect fit.  We love what we do, and we love helping each of our clients understand and find success by combining “old school” marketing techniques with the “new school” of digital marketing.

PPC is awesome because it levels the playing field for small businesses.  You actually CAN compete with the large corporate, big budget enterprises.  You can be a small town mortgage broker with your ad right next to Quicken and Lending Tree for his market area!  Competing with the big dogs and on a small business budget!  Where else can you do that?

This article below is a great share that gives clients the right questions to think about and ask your potential PPC manager before you get started.

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