Adwords for Video

PPC marketing consultants love Adwords for video campaigns!  We just wish that more small to medium-sized businesses had the ability to create an awesome video and get in the game.  We have had a great experience with Adwords video ads so far.

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A lot of the strategy around Youtube Video ads has to do with what your main goal happens to be.  Are you looking for exposure and branding?  Are you looking for conversions (like with your search campaigns)?  Most of our clients say that they are looking for more leads and conversions, so we will discuss that strategy here.

There are a couple of different formats for Trueview Video Ads.  One is In-Stream and the other is In Display.  We prefer the In Stream ads because this format allows you to send the user directly back to your site and chosen landing page.

How long should you make your video?  Just long enough… For our purposes (lead generation), you are only charged if the user watches your full video or 30 seconds (whichever is shorter).  So… We suggest that you front load your video with a strong call to action back to your site and keep the video just over the 30 second mark.  If you can get the user to click within that first 10-15 second window, then you will most likely not be charged for that view or click!  Surprise!

But, my video is just so awesome.  People love to watch the whole thing!  That’s ok too.  We have found that most of our video ads are having CPV’s well under the $.20 mark.  In most cases, the clicks to your site have a much lower adjusted CPC than what you pay on the search network.

Video Conversions — So how do you track video conversions?  One often unmentioned fact is that it is very difficult to track the conversion metric within the Adwords panel.  First, you are only eligible to show conversions for those users who viewed your entire video.  So, since our goal is for that NOT to happen, then you won’t see the conversions in Adwords.

So, how do we mitigate this issue?  UTM tracking codes!  Add a UTM tracking code to the end of your video URL.  Mosey over to Google Analytics, look for the landing page dashboard, and search for your UTM code (ours is usually ‘video’).  Now, you can pull the data and see the true conversions that began from your video ad.  This has been so essential in proving the worth of video ads.

Start experimenting and enjoy!!

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