Adwords Call ExtensionsMany of our PPC clients are confused on all of the offerings of ad extensions and why you would want to use them.  When we set up a PPC online marketing strategy for any client, we always try to educate them on current PPC best practices. There seems to be some confusion between some of the extensions, especially call extensions vs location extensions.  Isn’t a regular ole text ad enough anymore?  Nope!

ppc call extensions

So, one of our responsibilities in paid search consulting is to help explain these things and the benefits.  Call extensions are awesome!  Call extensions are especially important on mobile device ads.  They will give your ad a “click to call” button next to your ad.  This will allow the user to bypass the click to your site and call you directly.  This can be a great user experience, since the user won’t have to go to your site, then search for a phone number to call.

Call extensions help to increase your click through rates on search ads by 6-8% (according to Google stats).  This increase in CTR has also been shown to increase quality score.  Increasing quality scores lead to achieving a lower CPC.  So, extensions in effect increase your QS and give you a lower CPC.  So, why not?

Insider Tips:
1. Call extensions actually do show on some display campaigns.  Don’t forget to add call extensions to all campaign types.
2. Also, if call extensions are used in conjunction with location extensions, note that call extension phone number will override the phone number you may input in the location extension.

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